Dive into the Alba White Truffle Hunting Experience

"An experience organized by the Ronzano family, Truffle hunters in Langhe & Monferrato for three generations."


The thrill of truffle hunting in the heart of our woods, accompanied by two expert guides.

Expert Guide

Our truffle hunters share their knowledge and passion, making this an educational and engaging experience.

Active Adventure

You will live a hands-on experience, directly involving yourself in the search for truffles and experiencing the adrenaline of the chase.

Connection with Nature

You will walk through spectacular landscapes and learn about the importance of preserving these unique ecosystems.

How is the experience organized

From the rich aroma of the forest to the suspense of the wait, culminating in the ecstasy of the discovery: immerse yourself in a sensory journey through the magical heart of truffle hunting.

01.Meeting Point

The experience takes place on our woodland property. The meeting point will be in the town of Costigliole d'Asti - the exact location will be sent to you immediately after booking.

02.Start of the hunt

History, truffle species, and their ecology. You'll learn to recognize the flora and understand the importance of environmental factors.

03.In pursuit of the underground gold

Our trained dogs will lead you, sniffing the air with excitement and pointing out the location of truffles hidden underground.

04.The satisfaction of the find

The thrill of delicately digging into the earth and uncovering the precious truffle.


Una tradizione immutata, alimentata da una passione inestinguibile per il prezioso gioiello sotterraneo.

Our Estate in Costigliole d'Asti
Born from the vision of Renato Ronzano, it symbolizes the family's passion and dedication to the land and the esteemed Alba White Truffle.
Giovanni Ronzano
A legendary figure in the world of Alba truffles. He has significantly contributed to the appreciation of this delicacy since 1963.
Marco Ronzano
Heir to a half-century tradition, he ensures truffles of excellent quality thanks to a rigorous selection process.
Passionate about truffles since childhood and a master in the art of their search. An expert in training truffle dogs. His dedication turns every hunt into a truly thrilling adventure.
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Hear from those who have already experienced this adventure with us.



Private Search

Immerse yourself in an exclusive truffle search in a natural, mycorrhized forest. You will be personally guided by an authentic 'trifulau' and an experienced guide in the fieldguaranteeing an intimate and personalised experience. The excursion will have a duration approximate of an hour.

Thisexperience is reserved exclusively for you and your companionsguaranteeing privacy and personalised attention.

as of

€ 250


Immerse yourself in the magic of an unspoilt forest in search of precious truffles. Experience a unique and unforgettable adventure.