The Ronzano Estate

An emblem of family success and dedication to the land.

It all began with Renato Ronzano, a sharecropper who, after years of sacrifice and hard work, managed to purchase the property that now houses the estate. From that historic acquisition, a farming business was born, specialising in the search for and appreciation of the prized White Truffle of Alba. From Renato, the family inherited not only the land but also an insatiable spirit of determination and a constant commitment to excellence.

These values have guided successive generations, from Giovanni, one of the world's greatest truffle interpreters, to Marco, who today continues to carry the Ronzano name high through a careful process of selection and global distribution. Tenuta Ronzano is more than a place: it is the synthesis of a history of passion, tradition and uncompromising quality.

Giovanni Ronzano

Giovanni Ronzano is a legendary figure in the world of Alba truffles, specialising in the search for the prized Magnatum Pico, known as the White Alba Truffle.

With his profound knowledge and passion for this prized fruit of the earth, Giovanni has contributed significantly to the valorisation of this fruit since 1963.

Marco Ronzano

Marco Ronzano is the heir to a family tradition dating back more than half a century. Marco is dedicated to guaranteeing the best quality truffles to the customers he serves each year all over the world.

Its attention to detail is manifested in a rigorous selection process, during which each truffle is evaluated to ensure it meets the high standards set by the Ronzano family.

Marco represents the new generation of truffle experts, who work to keep the prestige of this 'white gold' alive in Alba's gastronomic scene.


Gianluca is a long-time collaborator of Tenuta Ronzano and an expert in the world of truffles with a deep passion dating back to his childhood.

Fascinated by the mystery and beauty of this delicacy of the earth, he has over time developed considerable expertise in the art of truffle hunting and selection.

Gianluca is also a master in training truffle dogs, which is essential to ensure a successful harvest. His ability to work with animals and his keen sense of smell are crucial to locating the 'treasure' hidden underground.

Immerse yourself in the magic of an unspoilt forest in search of precious truffles. Experience a unique and unforgettable adventure.